Exploring Las Vegas Parks

Since moving to Las Vegas my daughters and I have visited few different parks just minutes away from our home.  The parks here where we live have Security patrol.  The aesthetic landscaping takes you away. The park has big trees and keeps you cool during the Summer season as you are mostly under shaded areas.


The Willows Park is where we spent our afternoon Summers it is where the community swimming pool is located.  For a community pool their was not a whole lot of people,  that was one reason I enjoyed going there.  The kids spent hours and hours in the pool.  The place has two slides. One of which was for the little kids and the other was a great big slide for your older ones. You are allowed to bring in coolers with refreshments and beverages (non alcoholic), no glass bottles and that is a plus for us.

The walking trail is short.  It starts at the Willows Park and ends at Town Center Drive.  The tunnel takes you to and from the park area or to your home.  The theme of the park is of a fable, walking on trail you will notice a Turtle, Rabbit, Lion and a Mouse.  There is two play grounds again one for the younger toddler age kids to school age children.  The park has a Basket Ball Court and also a softball/baseball field.

The Gardens Park is where we like to hang out in the evenings.  They have a Farmer’s Market on Thursdays from 5pm-8pm.  We are at that park most Thursday, we like to get take out food from the Food Trucks and Dessert Truck.  It’s not a big market only a few vendors.  We’ve been going to it for a few years now started when I was visited my family often in the Summers.  The Gardens park is a great big park although it is not overcrowded.  We take our daughters on bike rides at the park. The walking path is an awesome place where they can practice more riding.

The Gardens Park is an 18-acre park that features lighted basketball courts, two lighted tennis courts, sand volleyball court, lighted bocce, horseshoe and shuffleboard courts, children’s play area, large open festival lawn area and picnic pavilions. Also located in the park is the Gardens Community Center that hosts a variety of classes and programs for residents.

Fox Hill Park is the Disneyland of all parks. It is ten minutes away from our home. While your kids are enjoying the play equipment you get to view the Las Vegas strip and the Mountains.  This is by far my favorite park of all.   The “adventure play-themed” park offers 20 play structures, including a 32-foot climbing tower, a zip line, a giant climbing structure called the Orange Beast, a disc golf course, custom swings, a climbing fort and a spinning machine. There are covered pavilions.  The park is 13 acres filled with tons of play, my daughters love this park as well as I. The scenery is beautiful, landscaping and not to mention the view is breathtaking.

We’ve explored many parks before and nothing compares to what we have close to home.  My  family and I enjoy going to the park and having picnics.  The community in which we live in gives up great pleasure to be able enjoy the parks and events.

To view our many adventures at the Summerlin Parks visit our Channel:


Fox Hills

The Gardens Park



Red Rock Canyon- Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon-  Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas, Nevada
We recently finally took that drive to Red Rock Canyon to explore hidden water falls First Creek. We watched a few videos on You Tube on hikers finding this special spot.
We started our adventure at 6 A.M., the drive is not to far from where we live. We are about 10 minutes away from the beautiful mountains. Mind you guys it is Summertime and the weather here in Vegas get to high temperatures of 100’s yes you heard it right!
We reached our destination and it was still dark. The sun was a few minutes away from rising. We got our gears ready and by gears It was just our Back Packs. We filled our packs with Ice cold water, nourishments, baby wipes, first aid kit and most important our drone and Camera’s. I filmed our hike though it was a bit shaky. You’ll find the footages on our You Tube Channel-

We Trekked in hopes to find the water falls but we failed. Not a huge disappointment to us. Our hike up the mountain was a scenic one. We saw a bunch of Lizards, ants, Cactuses and the natural wonders of the Red Rocks. For most part of the hike up we were walking on fine sand which made It a bit difficult for us as we were in our tennis shoes. Note to others on looking to hike the canyons “purchase hiking shoes”.
After hiking for two hours. We stopped at a shaded area on top of the mountain and enjoyed the view of Las Vegas. It was quite an experience we all enjoyed. My daughters who are ages 7, 8 handled the hike very well. We took quick breaks in between to hydrate. At this point the sun was shining on us headed up to the mountains. While we were resting under the shaded area we ate sandwiches and drank lots of Gatorade’s. Other than the Birds chirping there was no other sound. At this point we were pretty much rested and relaxed. We flew our drone up to get better footages of Red Rock Canyon.

Drone and camera we use to post pictures and videos.


We started our journey back to the start of our hike. It was a hundred times easier to trek down. I at least currently was not the last one in line. The beauty of the hike going down was just as beautiful as we were trekking up. The scenery is one we must once in our life time experience.

Our hike took us a total of three and a half hours considering we took breaks. This was a “Easy hike”.
I would highly recommend-
Trail shoes DSCF2268
Fitness Clothes appropriate for the weather
Lots of Water (Hydration)

What I packed in my Back Pack:
Ice cold waters (6)
First aid kit
Baby Wipes
Hand sanitizers

For more information about Red Rock Canyon visit: https://www.redrockcanyonlv.org/

Life Update

It’s been 36 days since we left the east coast to move to the other side of the country “West Coast”. Our journey cross country has been adventurous and non-stop. My day goes by so fast by a blink of an eye it is crazy. I’ve been keeping myself occupied by cleaning, organizing and just making sure my daughters are well. We’ve been hiking, hitting the parks, and going to the pool.
Back in New Jersey I was what you would call a home body. I remote work from home five days a week and when weekend rolled around I would feel less enthusiastic to go anywhere to enjoy the outdoors. I ordered my groceries online for delivery and any essentials I needed I had Amazon Prime to deliver right to my door. To be quite honest I would not step foot out my front door for weeks on. In the next paragraph you will learn why I felt the way I did. To add note couple weeks before our move I experience Heart palpitations, sweats and I felt as if I was being choked. I went to the Emergency room to find out my blood work and EKG was normal. So why was I feeling that way. I questioned myself over and over.
I went to see my family doctor right before our move she went over my Blood work, symptoms and episodes I had experienced in the past. My doctor ordered more labs and she reviewed them with me to tell me everything came back normal. I mentioned to her I’ve been a bit stressed due to occurrences that happened within a year. I did not ever think I would go through this, but I was, and It was bad. I suffer from Anxiety. I was prescribed a drug that required my doctor to print a form and I read and signed it before I left the Doctors office. Is this really happening to me and how could I have let it controls my mind and body. We all experience stress weather it be physical and emotional we can sometimes stop it from destroying our health. In my case It was taking over me.
Since our move I had an episode once and it felt as if I was dying. It started with the feeling as if I was losing oxygen and starting to get numb, heart palpations. Few days before my episode I had a lot on my mind thinking about jobs, money, kids, school. I know now how to better control my mind when it comes on. It can happen at anytime which scares me the most. When I think about it, it makes it a hundred times worst.
A few ways I’ve been controlling my Anxiety is by eating better, exercising, taking deep breaths when I’m feeling overwhelmed. This is real and I’m sharing it with you all. We sometime take like for granted that we forget to take care of our bodies mentally and physically. If anyone of you have experienced or is overcoming Anxiety and depression I would love to here your remedies, please message or comment.

My Life my everything my Girls they keep me going and give me the strength to overcome my Anxiety.


Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle.  I researched online for many different subscription boxes to kick-start my goal and I recently found one to my liking and signed up to


https://www.hungryroot.com The packaging was as any other Subscription box, insulated and packed with the ice pack.  You have two option plan to choose from The starter kit or the Good Life.  I choose the Good life.  Just a warning it is pricey,  if you are looking for convenience  which I was than it is worth it. Inside of the box was a list of the items I choose and a book of quick and easy steps for every dish for the month of June.  The dishes are two servings each and the side salads are one although you can split it into two servings. All of the dishes are Vegan.  You get to choose from breakfast to desert items which I found very appealing.  All of the dishes are plant-based, nutrient rich, healthy fats and complex carbs, no gluten, dairy, preservatives, trans fats, limited added sugars,  and low in sodium.  What sold me to sign up was the convenience of the meals, the packaging I was not wasting food, the amount of time to cook the meal and most of all the box is delivered right at your door.  I am a sucker for Subscription boxes and to add to that you can skip deliveries at any time or cancel anytime as well.  My kids approved of the meals.  Both Leah and Cora gave the meal thumbs up.  I am very excited to continue this journey of living a healthier lifestyle and thank you to Hungry Root for making that happen.  The box makes it easier for me to do so.  I am most excited to feed my daughters healthier meals and non of the  bad stuff.



Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day 2018


My family and I visited Historic Philadelphia this past Monday It was Memorial Day.  The Kids and I were off from school and work.  This was a great time to show our kids where history started. Luckily our weather permitted us to step out of our home to enjoy the city.  Although to get around the parks to see the different attractions is by way of foot traffic.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and thankfully my kids wore sneakers.  I on the other hand wore my booties.

Our first stop was the Liberty Bell.  The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American Independence. The bell first cracked when rung after its arrival in Philadelphia.  Believe it or not it was recast twice.  The Bell is located in the Liberty Bell Center in Independence National historical Park.  We had the pleasure of viewing the bell from the outside window.  The line to get into the center was backed up all the way outside to the corner of the building.  The kids were curious of how bell was cracked and how they rung bell.  We explained to them the history of the bell.  They were both amazed of how old the bell was.  We continued on the other attractions.  I was in awe of how beautiful the architectural was designed.  I highly recommend if anyone is ever in town visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to stop and tour Historical part of town.

We visited Christ Church Burial Ground, inside its gates lay the graves of many historical leaders, including signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Benjamin Franklin and his wife are buried here. The Admission for Adults $3, Children $1.  Please note the fees may differ for guided tours.

Our last stop of our Historic Philadelphia tour was to Betsy Ross house.  This is what Leah and Cora was most interested in visiting.  This was the birthplace of the American flag.  The feel of being inside of the house gave me goosebumps,  it felt as if I was living in her time.  The front part of the building was built around the 1740’s,  in the Pennsylvania colonial style. Back then the stairwell was built narrowed.  I must say Cora was excited to walk up those stairs. The home has since been restored.  Original elements were kept wherever possible.  For more information on Betsy Ross house visit historicphiladelphia.org.

Our April Weekend

Our April Weekend

Hi it’s been a long while since I posted a Blog. My allergies are killing me. I guess the older I get the worse it gets. The weather has been nice and we wanted to take advantage of it. We went to the playground at our complex, this was the third time the kids played on the playground. They were doing all kinds of tricks on the bars as if they were in a Gymnastic competition, it brought me great joy to see them so happy to finally get out of the house other than going to school. The weather was perfect not only on Friday but on Saturday as well. Saturday morning we had to get up early for the kids track meet. We had to be at the field by 0745am for a 0800am start time. I wanted to mentioned last weeks track meet I had my winter coat on YES winter coat. It was so cold in the 40’s but felt like it was in the 30’s due to the wind chill. What made it worse was I did not feel all that great. I just wanted to make sure I made it to the event because it was the first meet of the season. This weekend meets I did not have  layers of clothing on, I got away with wearing a tank top. Our team did such a great job. Cora made First place in the Relay race! I am so proud of my girls they enjoy doing sports. Once the meet was over we came home to relax and clean up a bit than headed back out to eat. It was our Wedding Anniversary celebration. We went to eat Korean Food, It was our first time there, it is a little place located on a strip mall. The review on the service and food from my stand point was okay not to great as I had expected. It is called Kim’s Restaurant. The kids thought the food was good. My husband and I thought differently and for the price and portion well lets just say it was not worth it. The one place we love going to is Dolsot House http://dolsothouse.com/. The food is great, the taste of the food is on point and service is excellent. It is also a small place but I highly recommend the place. The KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) is one of the most popular dish. At Kim’s restaurant we ordered Fried Mandoo, Korean Pajun Vegetable, Kim Chee Jigae, Kalbi, and Bulgogi. It was traditional our meal came with the side dished called Banchan. I had a taste of the Radish Kim Chee and the taste lingered in my mouth It was fishy if you ask me. I will leave it at I do not think we will be back to eat at that restaurant again. People reviewed that place a five-star. I gave it a two star. Once we were finished with our meal we headed out to Target, a few days ago I promised the girls I would buy they a gift for listening well and for doing chores, I limited them to only the dollar section of Target. They both bought Mermaid Fins $5.00 and sports bottle $1.00. I bought myself two dresses and of course I could not pass up getting new sunnies for the kids, Saturday evening the kids spent it playing at the playground. Sunday prep day! Sunday’s for us are for cleaning up, studying for spelling, prepping the kids uniform and lunches for school. While I was prepping meals I put “The Greatest Showman” on TV. My family and I love that movie. The soundtrack is the greatest. Another recommendation go buy the movie! I ordered Lunch from Grub Hub place called “Slice” We had Tomato Pie, Chicken Wings, and Fries. first time ordering from Slice, we enjoyed the food a lot. http://www.slicepa.com/washington-township-location/. Our Sunday evening was spent playing X-BOX, and with Kinetic Sand. As we end our weekend to prepare ourselves for the new work/school week just a quick Thank You for stopping by from the Denny Fam.

Pics of Food we ate at Kim’s Restaurant
Kim's Korean



Dresses I bought for myself!

Kids Sunglasses

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Easter ham leftovers

Easter ham leftovers

We had a lot of left over Ham and Mash Potatoes from our Easter Dinner so I searched online for a few recipes on what to make with leftovers such as casseroles and pies.  Honestly I did not think my kids would eat it if I were to have made a casserole with our left overs. I decided I would make croquettes instead.  It is a real simple recipe and very tasty.  I used Mash Potatoes, Ham, shredded cheese, egg, flour and breadcrumbs and you can dip it with your favorite condiment.  I served it to my kids for breakfast with ketchup and mayonnaise mixed up and they loved it.  It took me less than and hour to make. You can make this as a snack or serve it for lunch or dinner easy to make and everyone will enjoy it. You can add different spices as well to kick it up. Here is a step by step process on how I made Ham Mashed Potatoe Croquettes.  You will need the following ingredients as follows below.

  • 2 cups of Mash Potatoes
  • 1-2 cups of diced up Ham
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/4 cup of Flour
  • 1/2 of Bread Crumbs
  • 2 Cups of Shredded Cheese I used Mozzarella, you can use Cheddar
  • Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, once it is all combined form into patties and fry.
  • Heat 2 Tablespoon of oil into a shallow pan and fry each side for 3-4 minutes.

Enjoy with your favorite condiment!

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