Red Rock Canyon- Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas, Nevada
We recently finally took that drive to Red Rock Canyon to explore hidden water falls First Creek. We watched a few videos on You Tube on hikers finding this special spot.
We started our adventure at 6 A.M., the drive is not to far from where we live. We are about 10 minutes away from the beautiful mountains. Mind you guys it is Summertime and the weather here in Vegas get to high temperatures of 100’s yes you heard it right!
We reached our destination and it was still dark. The sun was a few minutes away from rising. We got our gears ready and by gears It was just our Back Packs. We filled our packs with Ice cold water, nourishments, baby wipes, first aid kit and most important our drone and Camera’s. I filmed our hike though it was a bit shaky. You’ll find the footages on our You Tube Channel-

We Trekked in hopes to find the water falls but we failed. Not a huge disappointment to us. Our hike up the mountain was a scenic one. We saw a bunch of Lizards, ants, Cactuses and the natural wonders of the Red Rocks. For most part of the hike up we were walking on fine sand which made It a bit difficult for us as we were in our tennis shoes. Note to others on looking to hike the canyons “purchase hiking shoes”.
After hiking for two hours. We stopped at a shaded area on top of the mountain and enjoyed the view of Las Vegas. It was quite an experience we all enjoyed. My daughters who are ages 7, 8 handled the hike very well. We took quick breaks in between to hydrate. At this point the sun was shining on us headed up to the mountains. While we were resting under the shaded area we ate sandwiches and drank lots of Gatorade’s. Other than the Birds chirping there was no other sound. At this point we were pretty much rested and relaxed. We flew our drone up to get better footages of Red Rock Canyon.

Drone and camera we use to post pictures and videos.

We started our journey back to the start of our hike. It was a hundred times easier to trek down. I at least currently was not the last one in line. The beauty of the hike going down was just as beautiful as we were trekking up. The scenery is one we must once in our life time experience.

Our hike took us a total of three and a half hours considering we took breaks. This was a “Easy hike”.
I would highly recommend-
Trail shoes DSCF2268
Fitness Clothes appropriate for the weather
Lots of Water (Hydration)

What I packed in my Back Pack:
Ice cold waters (6)
First aid kit
Baby Wipes
Hand sanitizers

For more information about Red Rock Canyon visit:


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