Life Update

It’s been 36 days since we left the east coast to move to the other side of the country “West Coast”. Our journey cross country has been adventurous and non-stop. My day goes by so fast by a blink of an eye it is crazy. I’ve been keeping myself occupied by cleaning, organizing and just making sure my daughters are well. We’ve been hiking, hitting the parks, and going to the pool.
Back in New Jersey I was what you would call a home body. I remote work from home five days a week and when weekend rolled around I would feel less enthusiastic to go anywhere to enjoy the outdoors. I ordered my groceries online for delivery and any essentials I needed I had Amazon Prime to deliver right to my door. To be quite honest I would not step foot out my front door for weeks on. In the next paragraph you will learn why I felt the way I did. To add note couple weeks before our move I experience Heart palpitations, sweats and I felt as if I was being choked. I went to the Emergency room to find out my blood work and EKG was normal. So why was I feeling that way. I questioned myself over and over.
I went to see my family doctor right before our move she went over my Blood work, symptoms and episodes I had experienced in the past. My doctor ordered more labs and she reviewed them with me to tell me everything came back normal. I mentioned to her I’ve been a bit stressed due to occurrences that happened within a year. I did not ever think I would go through this, but I was, and It was bad. I suffer from Anxiety. I was prescribed a drug that required my doctor to print a form and I read and signed it before I left the Doctors office. Is this really happening to me and how could I have let it controls my mind and body. We all experience stress weather it be physical and emotional we can sometimes stop it from destroying our health. In my case It was taking over me.
Since our move I had an episode once and it felt as if I was dying. It started with the feeling as if I was losing oxygen and starting to get numb, heart palpations. Few days before my episode I had a lot on my mind thinking about jobs, money, kids, school. I know now how to better control my mind when it comes on. It can happen at anytime which scares me the most. When I think about it, it makes it a hundred times worst.
A few ways I’ve been controlling my Anxiety is by eating better, exercising, taking deep breaths when I’m feeling overwhelmed. This is real and I’m sharing it with you all. We sometime take like for granted that we forget to take care of our bodies mentally and physically. If anyone of you have experienced or is overcoming Anxiety and depression I would love to here your remedies, please message or comment.

My Life my everything my Girls they keep me going and give me the strength to overcome my Anxiety.



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