Healthy lifestyle

My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle.  I researched online for many different subscription boxes to kick-start my goal and I recently found one to my liking and signed up to The packaging was as any other Subscription box, insulated and packed with the ice pack.  You have two option plan to choose from The starter kit or the Good Life.  I choose the Good life.  Just a warning it is pricey,  if you are looking for convenience  which I was than it is worth it. Inside of the box was a list of the items I choose and a book of quick and easy steps for every dish for the month of June.  The dishes are two servings each and the side salads are one although you can split it into two servings. All of the dishes are Vegan.  You get to choose from breakfast to desert items which I found very appealing.  All of the dishes are plant-based, nutrient rich, healthy fats and complex carbs, no gluten, dairy, preservatives, trans fats, limited added sugars,  and low in sodium.  What sold me to sign up was the convenience of the meals, the packaging I was not wasting food, the amount of time to cook the meal and most of all the box is delivered right at your door.  I am a sucker for Subscription boxes and to add to that you can skip deliveries at any time or cancel anytime as well.  My kids approved of the meals.  Both Leah and Cora gave the meal thumbs up.  I am very excited to continue this journey of living a healthier lifestyle and thank you to Hungry Root for making that happen.  The box makes it easier for me to do so.  I am most excited to feed my daughters healthier meals and non of the  bad stuff.



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