Memorial Day 2018


My family and I visited Historic Philadelphia this past Monday It was Memorial Day.  The Kids and I were off from school and work.  This was a great time to show our kids where history started. Luckily our weather permitted us to step out of our home to enjoy the city.  Although to get around the parks to see the different attractions is by way of foot traffic.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and thankfully my kids wore sneakers.  I on the other hand wore my booties.

Our first stop was the Liberty Bell.  The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American Independence. The bell first cracked when rung after its arrival in Philadelphia.  Believe it or not it was recast twice.  The Bell is located in the Liberty Bell Center in Independence National historical Park.  We had the pleasure of viewing the bell from the outside window.  The line to get into the center was backed up all the way outside to the corner of the building.  The kids were curious of how bell was cracked and how they rung bell.  We explained to them the history of the bell.  They were both amazed of how old the bell was.  We continued on the other attractions.  I was in awe of how beautiful the architectural was designed.  I highly recommend if anyone is ever in town visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to stop and tour Historical part of town.

We visited Christ Church Burial Ground, inside its gates lay the graves of many historical leaders, including signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Benjamin Franklin and his wife are buried here. The Admission for Adults $3, Children $1.  Please note the fees may differ for guided tours.

Our last stop of our Historic Philadelphia tour was to Betsy Ross house.  This is what Leah and Cora was most interested in visiting.  This was the birthplace of the American flag.  The feel of being inside of the house gave me goosebumps,  it felt as if I was living in her time.  The front part of the building was built around the 1740’s,  in the Pennsylvania colonial style. Back then the stairwell was built narrowed.  I must say Cora was excited to walk up those stairs. The home has since been restored.  Original elements were kept wherever possible.  For more information on Betsy Ross house visit


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