Our April Weekend

Hi it’s been a long while since I posted a Blog. My allergies are killing me. I guess the older I get the worse it gets. The weather has been nice and we wanted to take advantage of it. We went to the playground at our complex, this was the third time the kids played on the playground. They were doing all kinds of tricks on the bars as if they were in a Gymnastic competition, it brought me great joy to see them so happy to finally get out of the house other than going to school. The weather was perfect not only on Friday but on Saturday as well. Saturday morning we had to get up early for the kids track meet. We had to be at the field by 0745am for a 0800am start time. I wanted to mentioned last weeks track meet I had my winter coat on YES winter coat. It was so cold in the 40’s but felt like it was in the 30’s due to the wind chill. What made it worse was I did not feel all that great. I just wanted to make sure I made it to the event because it was the first meet of the season. This weekend meets I did not have  layers of clothing on, I got away with wearing a tank top. Our team did such a great job. Cora made First place in the Relay race! I am so proud of my girls they enjoy doing sports. Once the meet was over we came home to relax and clean up a bit than headed back out to eat. It was our Wedding Anniversary celebration. We went to eat Korean Food, It was our first time there, it is a little place located on a strip mall. The review on the service and food from my stand point was okay not to great as I had expected. It is called Kim’s Restaurant. The kids thought the food was good. My husband and I thought differently and for the price and portion well lets just say it was not worth it. The one place we love going to is Dolsot House http://dolsothouse.com/. The food is great, the taste of the food is on point and service is excellent. It is also a small place but I highly recommend the place. The KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) is one of the most popular dish. At Kim’s restaurant we ordered Fried Mandoo, Korean Pajun Vegetable, Kim Chee Jigae, Kalbi, and Bulgogi. It was traditional our meal came with the side dished called Banchan. I had a taste of the Radish Kim Chee and the taste lingered in my mouth It was fishy if you ask me. I will leave it at I do not think we will be back to eat at that restaurant again. People reviewed that place a five-star. I gave it a two star. Once we were finished with our meal we headed out to Target, a few days ago I promised the girls I would buy they a gift for listening well and for doing chores, I limited them to only the dollar section of Target. They both bought Mermaid Fins $5.00 and sports bottle $1.00. I bought myself two dresses and of course I could not pass up getting new sunnies for the kids, Saturday evening the kids spent it playing at the playground. Sunday prep day! Sunday’s for us are for cleaning up, studying for spelling, prepping the kids uniform and lunches for school. While I was prepping meals I put “The Greatest Showman” on TV. My family and I love that movie. The soundtrack is the greatest. Another recommendation go buy the movie! I ordered Lunch from Grub Hub place called “Slice” We had Tomato Pie, Chicken Wings, and Fries. first time ordering from Slice, we enjoyed the food a lot. http://www.slicepa.com/washington-township-location/. Our Sunday evening was spent playing X-BOX, and with Kinetic Sand. As we end our weekend to prepare ourselves for the new work/school week just a quick Thank You for stopping by from the Denny Fam.

Pics of Food we ate at Kim’s Restaurant
Kim's Korean



Dresses I bought for myself!

Kids Sunglasses

****We are a participant in the Target Affiliation program.

Blue Apron: $50 Off! ($25 Off Each Week)

***FTC Disclosure- Blue Apron Affiliate Program


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