Easter Fun!

It was a beautiful day yesterday the whether was perfect. The Sun was shinning, the birds were chirping. Spring was in the air! We took the kids for some fun Easter activity. Our local park called “Green Acres” held its first Easter Egg hunt for kids ages three to nine. The event was a success. The little children faces were filled with joy. What made it so nice was they separated the groups by age.  The Easter Bunny came walking down the road and stopped to take pictures with the children.  This was a free event to attend.  All the kids got a normal size Hershey Easter Bunny to take home, along with all of the eggs they searched for which was filled with candy.  Once the event was over we headed over to ” Duffield’s Farm ” to visit the Easter Bunny.  The cost of the hayride for children was $10 and for adults $4 this included a hayride to Bunny Egg-cres. They got to collect Easter Eggs and trade them in for Chocolate. We took pictures with the Easter Bunny, explored his home and headed out to the back yard to enjoy our snack. The kids were so excited they got to go on a hayride and see the bunny all in one day.  The weather was just perfect for our little outing adventure.  The skies were blue as the ocean and the fresh air was just what all of us needed. Though I am glad I wore my Frey Boots to the farm the grounds were a bit muddy in some places other than that all was good.  We also visited the farm animals and played in the hay yard.  While my family was playing in the hay yard I ventured into the market and picked up a few items to take home.  The store has farm fresh fruits, vegetables.  There is also a deli counter and bakery in the store.  The one baked good I always go for is the Spinach croissant with cheese.  they are the best thing ever and always runs out just before noon. I was lucky this time they had just one left and I bought it!  I love going into the market, there is also a section were they have pickled vegetables. Few years ago I had pickled green tomatoes. I keep checking our local farms but cannot find them.  If anyone knows where I can buy them weather it be online or in stores comment below.  I ended up buying prepared salads, apple cider cake, pickles, and a spinach cheese croissant. We left the farm tired and the kids were ready for naps! We all had such a great time, priceless moments enjoy every moment you can with your family and friends and make memories.  Be sure to check out Duffield’s farm website to find more seasonal activities to enjoy with your family https://www.duffieldsfarm.com.

Boots I wore to the farm.



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