Sledding Day #3

This was a grand week for my girls!  Kids had two Snow Days and today they had off for  Teachers workshop.  We started off the morning in a sour mood.  ” Not me”  just the kids. I was not going to let that bother me!  Other than our rough moody morning we moved on and kids were fine.  They worked on their spelling words and read Junie B. Jones books while I was doing work in my home office. The kids made me notes and slid it under my door. The notes they give me always  touches my heart and I save the notes too. Someday when they grow older I will show it to them. They are always thinking about mommy.  Lunch time came around and the weather was nice so we took the kids out sledding on the great big hill.  It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy what’s left of the snow.  The Sun was shinning and it was 48 degrees out!  We had a chill day today I snapped a few pictures and videos of the kids sledding. Thank you for stopping to see what is going on in our lives hit the follow bottom.

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