Snow Day #2

Hello guys thank you for visiting us.  My children were off from school today due to the snow storm and they are scheduled off tomorrow as well so this week was kind of like spring break for them.  Mind you their spring break have not even begun.  Official spring break for us starts next Thursday and will be off for a whole week.  I am going to need ideas on how to keep them entertained!  Last year we spent our break in Disney World oh I do miss that place! The kids had the best time of their lives at Disney.

I am hoping the weather will be nicer out so we can do some fun outdoor activities.  I do have a few places in mind I want to visit, I want to make it day trips such as visiting the Alpaca Farm, Tour historic Philadelphia, Franklin institute maybe take a ride down to Longwood Gardens.  It has been four years since we visited Historic Philadelphia, the kids were little and did not quite understand the meaning of history.  Now they are both a little older they’ll be able to learn and appreciate history more.  We had a great morning the kids got along well while working on arts and crafts engineering their creative minds.  I was handed binoculars, an ice cream cone with cherry on top, and a piggy bank.  I love watching my kids create things out of objects they find and just with plain 8×11 copy paper.  I do admit my kids spend a lot of screen time when they have off from school on a weekday. We are working on this together to get them more engaged into books during down time. Today it was different it makes me happy to see them working together not annoying one another but again it is early on the day and we still have to get through tomorrow as well.  I remote work from home today. I was summoned by manager via email to a skype meeting,  I was so nervous the kids were going to just barge into my office and start yapping while I was on meeting mode but thankfully they did not.  I warned my kids before hand they needed to be quite and that’s just what they did and I kind of bribed them telling them if they were quite I would order them smoothies.   The things we do or say as parents just to get the kids to listen, well as least for me it works. They continued on to play in their bedroom and also surprised me by straighten up the room.  I am one happy momma.  The kids got to go sledding also.  Their father surprised them by coming home on lunch break to take Kona out and the kids to go adventure out on to a great big hill to go sledding. We ordered food from our local Chinese restaurant it’s called China Bowl.  I ordered Pho shrimp dumpling soup it was the perfect food to eat on this cold spring snow day. The kids were more than satisfied with the Lychee smoothie and scallion pancakes.  We ordered from that place before and I’d like to mention we are always pleased with the result of our meal very delicious.  It was time for me to get back to work and so the kids went into the play room this time to play school.  Our evening was of the normal we hung out and watched a movie we rented On Demand it is called  Ferdinand.  Now lets see what tomorrow will bring us. I am hoping it will be like this day a fun filled crafty day with nice surprises. Thank you for visiting us!

To get your copy of the movie we watched click below image




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