Spring Snow Day!

Today marks the 2nd day of Spring 2018 and we are experiencing a massive snow storm.  Businesses were either closed or shut down early, Thousands of flights were cancelled. School closing announcements where running across the television while the news was on last night. We got the call around six thirty at night to inform us due to the inclement weather school will be closed and oh boy the kids jumped for joy.  Everywhere else in the country is enjoying  Spring like weather except the people living in the Northeast.  The snow is beautiful to look at and we all enjoy staring out our windows to see the snow fall as it hits the grounds but enough is enough mother nature has hit us multiple times with snowstorms this year.  My daughters who are 6 and 8 years old love playing in the snow it could be 10 degrees out and they would still fuss to go out.  Though it can be a challenge putting on their snow gear on just to go outside and not to mention taking it off as soon as they walk in the door from sledding can be a bit of a hassel. But not to complain I love seeing and hearing their excitement when you mention snow, and sled. My husband took the kids sledding, they did not stay out long it’s just to cold to be out, 33 degrees but feels like 23 out. For some of you it may not seem too cold but for us it is.  The weather forecast is saying the snow fall will stop at 3 am.  I highly doubt the schools will be on normal schedule tomorrow. I am guessing a two-hour delay.  For the most part of our snow day we spent it watching the news, I remote work from home today and the kids played on their electronic devices.  We made Meatballs (giant ones) for dinner we made a simple version of it and we enjoyed the rest of the evening studying for Leah’s spelling test and Cora practiced her sight words. Thank you for stopping by!  For updates on the Blog be sure to stop by daily!

To read more about the snow storm see link below-https://www.buzzfeed.com/zahrahirji/spring-snow-noreaster-east-coast?utm_term=.kaNWOXmyaJ#.draw19QKE





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