My Fairy Garden!

We spent out Sunday midmorning assembling our new “My Fairy Garden” it was a bit of a messy activity nonetheless the kids had a great time doing the project.  What’s great about it is this activity teaches our kids about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM skills).  Leah and Cora are always curious about what makes it work in a certain matter or how it works and what is nice about the internet now we can easily google the subject we are curious about.  We found the kit at our local Target and the cost of the product is $24.99.  I recently posted a blog a few weeks ago about another science project we did.  It is called a Grow and Glow Terrarium it is the same concept as the My Fairy Garden.  Quick update on that we have not seen any sprouts yet.  I may have to move the jar next to the window sill where it can soak up the sunlight.  If you have not yet read that post be sure to check it out!  Once the Garden was assembled we had to soak the three disk potting soil that was included in the kit in three cups of water for about 1/2 hour, that process was most interesting to the kids as they saw the disc soak up the water and grew bigger, they were both amazed! Once the soil was in place we fluffed up the soil with the gardening tools which was also included in the kit and placed it in our pot.  We than scattered the seeds on all of the soil areas, we also made sure we sprinkled two ounces of water onto the seeds. This was a great buy for me as Leah and Cora enjoyed this activity.  We cannot wait till our garden starts to grow and I will make sure to share the progress on how our garden is growing with you guys. Thank You for stopping by.

Below I will link the Image of the Product by PLAYMONSTER, click on it to purchase it today!

The contents in the box are as follows

  • 2 piece flowerpot tray
  • toadstool
  • umbrella table
  • 2 chairs
  • 2 tiki torches
  • seed packet
  • soil
  • watering can
  • 4 gardening tools
  • Freya the fairy
  • fairy string
  • flying cord
  • hazel the chipmunk
  • leaflet

Click on above image to purchase yours today @Target!



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