Sledding on a Saturday afternoon!

Hello guys we spent our Saturday at Target and Sledding. The sun was shining but do not let that fool you because it was still a little chilly out.  I cannot wait till the weather starts to get nicer outside.  I wanted to mention the other day while waiting for my friend to pick me up to go to work  I heard the birds chirping and it reminded so much of a Spring morning. Yes it is official March but feels like winter still.  I must say at least it gets lighter out at 5am and at 5pm it is still light out YESSS.  During the winter season I get lazy.  I actually put my pajamas on early in the evening and on weekends my kids and I are relaxing in on the couch or on the bed by the time its 6PM.  I’m sure I not the only one who does that! Am I right? Comment back if you do the same!  Anyway we ventured to Target this morning.  Cora finally got a JOJO Siwa hair bow.  I asked to kids early on this morning to get their room and playroom cleaned up (we are still working on cleaning up). When we got home from Target we took the kids out Sledding. My hands were freezing. Most of the snow has already melted so it was not as fun sledding today than it was few days ago. We even got to vlog today! I look forward to nicer weather and I will be able to take my kids on more adventures to share with you guys. Thank you for stopping by and see link below to get your Target deals!

Check out our YouTube Channel- Leahcoraandmommydenny

***Target affiliate link!



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