Nor’ easter Riley

Friday March 2nd I went into the office to work knowing that we would be embracing a winter storm that afternoon. I work in a building with glass windows. I kept looking out the windows to see snow falling from the sky and the wind blowing and the sound of the winds howling. I am guessing the winds were about thirty to forty miles per hour. I must say it was scary. We were in the middle of a blizzard.  I left work at about 3:30 PM. I walked out the glass doors and the wind nearly blew the doors right into my face. I walked toward the car, awaiting were my kids and husband they braved the storm coming to get me from work. We drove out of the parking lot and went on our way. The traffic was horrible and snow was still falling from the sky along with the strong winds rocking the car as we were stopped at the lights. Luckily my husband is experienced in driving in bad weather. It took us and hour to get home. There were trees down everywhere and thousands of people were without electricity. Thankfully we were not one of the thousands. I took a few pictures of the storm while riding in the car as you will see below. Thank you for stopping by! Here is a link to read more about the storm.




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