Exploring Cooper River Park!

Hey Guys thought I would share a few pictures I took today while walking along Cooper River Park. It wasn’t cold outside so my friend and I went for a walk. This is actually our third day in a row we took that walk. I made sure I brought my camera with me to work this time and my sneakers. The past few days I have been walking in high heel booties! All these years I have lived in New Jersey I never once went to Cooper River Park, three days ago was the very first time I walked along the river. We are still in the Winter season and to see the trees bare and river flowing was a beautiful sight. I guess I would say it felt more like a fall day to me than a cold winter day being that it was sixty degrees out while we were out on our stroll. We went into the boat house to see what type of activities they offered and we found out there was quite a few interesting ones that my family and I would enjoy such as going on the Paddle Boat and Kayaking.  There is also a hall where you can hold special events like weddings, birthdays and more. They offer three different caterers to choose from and the prices aren’t too bad.  The next time I go into the Boat House I will grab a brochure and take a picture to share on my post. There are four Picnic Areas, Volleyball Courts, a Sculpture garden,  a victims of Terrorism Memorial

and many more to enjoy. You can even go fishing! During winter they set up a Skating rink and in the summer they hold many different concerts. To see what activities are offered I will link below Cooper River website. Thanks for visiting!


Camera I use to Vlog and take still Pictures!

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