Kids Cooking

Hey Guys today the kids and I prepared a popular Filipino dish.  It’s a staple dish in the Philippines.  We cooked Chicken Adobo.  There are many ways you can cook it nowadays.  I have seen recipes online on the different methods of cooking Adobo such as, cooking it in a slow cooker, instant pot and in the oven.  We cooked it on the stove top. We used the traditional ingredients of adding Soy Sauce, Water, Vinegar, Garlic and Onions, Brown Sugar and for seasoning we added Black Pepper. The Chicken part I used was boneless chicken thighs. I’ve used boneless chicken breast before but I noticed it dries out.  I am Filipino and grew up eating Adobo we ate it with rice.  My parents made this dish at least once a week growing up. You can use Pork as well instead of chicken. I personally prefer using Chicken. I am now making this national dish of the Philippines for my kids and they love it!  Oh I want to add we threw in Potatoes to the recipe.  If you want to give this recipe a try click on the quick link posted.



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