Sick day

Woke up to a not so awesome morning. I nearly fell over as I got off the bed.  My balance was off.  I felt dizzy! Oh my it was a scary moment.  Other than that early AM incident I  engaged to my Morning Routine of getting Leah and Cora ready for school. For breakfast the kids had clementines and pretzels not your normal breakfast foods, but hey I was not feeling so great!  I cleaned and made all the beds, swept the kitchen and once all my Morning chores was done I laid on the couch.  7AM approached got up from the couch pulled the kids coats out of the closet and felt Leah’s forehead as she was walking out the front door.  Oh no she felt warm so we decided to keep her home from school.  Leah and I both went back to bed and watched TV.  We ate ice cream and pretzels in bed.  Kona hung out with us as well she stayed close to us I think she knew both Leah and I were not feeling so well.  As the day went on I felt much better not a hundred percent and we finally got out of bed around 12 noon.  I ordered food enough food for dinner too.  Oh and I rented a movie on demand ” Daddy’s home 2″ .  Comment if you guys watched it!  I enjoyed it.  it is a fun movie to watch on a sick day!   I even Vlogged a little of our day.  I must say it was nice having a Leah and Mommy day.

Camera I use to Vlog and take still Pictures!

Get your copy of Daddy’s Home 2!


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