Nutella Brownies

The Kids were off from school today for President’s day and to be honest we had an uneventful day.  Woke up to see Kona lying in my unmade bed!  The kids went to bed pretty late last night knowing there was no school the next day and could get up late the next morning.  Did they wake up late the next morning?  To answer that question NO they did not.  We are trained in our brains to get up at the crack of dawn.  Well at least my girls and I are! I did not get to relax on this Holiday.  I logged into my 730am-4pm job.  Not to worry the girls were kept occupied by cleaning up their room, watching tv, YouTube and they even made Blue slime. Later in the evening we made some yummy Brownies but not just any traditional Brownies, we made Nutella Brownies.  Below is a quick link to the recipe I followed it is Easy to make and not a lot of ingredients to add.




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