Our weekend!

DSCF1138DSCF1110DSCF1119DSCF1144DSCF1112DSCF1124DSCF1116DSCF1126Woke up to a beautiful morning jumped right into my normal routine of cleaning and I even exercised today for the past few days I’ve been sick with a cold and was just out of my normal. We went to H-Mart it is a specialty Asian market. I personally love going there. The fruits and vegetable seem to last longer when I  buy if from H-Mart, each time we go I get a box of rice bowls. It comes in a pack of 12. It is convenient to have.  All you do is microwave it for 90 seconds. They also have a section where they prepare hot foods ready to eat that is plus to me. I love walking down each aisle at the market they offer a wide variety of foods from different countries. One complain the kids have about going there is how cold it is in the store.  Oh and did I mention they have a bakery! Yes a bakery in the store.  If you’ve never been to an H-Mart and have one in your town I would definitely check it out!  We spent our mid afternoon taking Kona outside to get her exercise and for the kids to run off their energy.


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