Super Bowl Parade Eagles 2018



2-8-18 Thursday

Today was a memorable day for the City of Philadelphia also known as City of Brotherly Love.  I must saying living in the area for over fifteen years I have come to the conclusion we are the biggest sports fan.  We show our pride and joy by celebrating big and by big you will have seen or heard about the Parade for our 2018 Super Bowl winners Philadelphia Eagles.  There was an estimated of 2 million that attended the parade.  The transportation system was busy at work.  The parade started at the stadium and ended at the Art museum.  Leah and Cora had the day off from School.  I know most might say why would the school system give the day off.  Well as I mentioned earlier this was an iconic memorable day. We had the pleasure of watching the Parade in our home on our big screen.  We sat in the warmth and had delicious food.  We had Chicken Wings, Tacos and Hoagies.  I am happy my family and I got to experience celebrating the Super Bowl Parade together.   If you would like to read more about the Parade here is a quick link below.




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